USNA Macedonian Monument, Annapolis, DC – Aeon Preservation Services LLC was hired by the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation to perform a comprehensive assessment and treatment program for the HMS Macedonian Monument located at the south end of Stribling Walk in the heart of the Naval Academy campus. Aeon was initially brought in by Direct Dimensions Inc. on a project involving the laser scanning and replication of the figurehead. Aeon was subsequently hired to manage the restoration of the monument erected in 1924 to commemorate the capture of the HMS Macedonian during the War of 1812. The monument was composed a painted wood figurehead taken from the ship as well as four late Eighteenth century cannon, several bronze plaques on an ornamental concrete base. Aeon was hired to document, analyze, and treat the monument on a design/build basis.
Aeon worked closely with the SHPO and NPS to craft and implement a treatment strategy that met the requirements of the Navy while respecting the historic integrity of this unique monument. The monument was dismantled and each component treated in a manner best suited for each element. The original figurehead had been encased in fiberglass in the 1960s and was in poor condition. The original was laser scanned, digitally restored based on historic photographs, and a replica wood figurehead carved (with the original moved indoors for safekeeping) and installed. The bronze plaques were stripped of corrosion and encrustations, repatinated, and waxed. The ornamental concrete was restored using Jahn patching mortars to match the original appearance and texture including casting new benches, cap, and cannon supports. The four cannon underwent full conservation treatment in Aeon’s shop prior to being refinished and reinstalled. This involved coating removal, a five-month electrolytic chloride reduction treatment, iron phosphate conversion, and recoating.

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