Government & Other Civic Buildings

Union Station Rostral Columns

Aeon is pleased to report that the restoration of Union Station’s rostral columns has been completed. The Christman Company along ...
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gray curled building décor


Rostral Columns – Union Station, Washington, DC Aeon evaluated and designed the restoration of two sets of large historic ornamental cast-iron ...
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Restoration of the Mexican War Midshipmen’s Monument

Aeon just completed the restoration of the Mexican War Midshipmen’s Monument, Aeon’s second major project at the U.S. Naval Academy ...
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New Glass for the Capitol Dome

The Architect of the Capitol just released a great new video of glass being made for the U.S. Capitol Dome ...
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Understanding Environmental Monitoring

One of Aeon’s Small Remote Data Loggers  An important tool in the Aeon arsenal is environmental monitoring, which allows for ...
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Federal Trade Commision (FTC)

Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC– This project shows our experience in the restoration of aluminum entranceways and in masonry cleaning.  ...
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Great picture of the protective shroud in the Capitol Rotunda

NBC News: Capitol Building Readies for Dome Restoration Project
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Very cool interactive graphic on the Capitol Dome Restoration project

The Washington Post published a very cool interactive graphic and animation showing many of the steps in the dome restoration project. ...
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Yates Building

Aeon was recently hired by FLBE Inc. to assist them in a major reroofing project at the SydneyR Yates Federal ...
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Yates Building Entry Restoration Project

Aeon is in the final stages of completing the restoration of historic wooden pocket doors at the entrance to the ...
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