Federal Trade Commision (FTC)

Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC– This project shows our experience in the restoration of aluminum entranceways and in masonry cleaning. 

Located at the eastern point of the Federal Triangle, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) building was originally called the Apex Building. Edward H. Bennet was the architect. It was completed in 1938. The Federal Trade Commission Building is designed in the Classical Revival style of architecture. Aeon has worked on several projects the first being the metal conservation of aluminum entranceways and the second exterior masonry restoration.

Metal Conservation of Aluminum Entranceways

Aeon led a team in collaboration with Independent Custom Metalworks to restore the historic entrances to the FTC Building. Work involved dismantling active historic entrances into their component parts, metal reconstruction, refinishing, and reinstallation with restored and new custom hardware. Aeon completed for first two entryways in 2011 and completed five additional entryways in 2013.

Masonry Restoration

In 2014, Aeon performed a condition survey to document existing conditions and to determine the location and amount of masonry repairs and cleaning. Aeon lead a team in collaboration with Federal Masonry Restoration to restore masonry in 2014 and 2015. The work was focused on limestone and granite at the lower portion of the building. From the lower cornice of the 2nd story down to the granite base and stairs.

Aeon used tools such as Quintek Rotec Vortex Cleaning System to remove heaving soiling in some areas. This is a low-pressure micro-abrasive cleaning technique. Aeon also used our Steam Jenny for pressurized steam and pressurized hot water to remove bio growth when cleaning in temperatures under 50°. This system produces and regulate steam.

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