Federal Trade Commision (FTC)

Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC– This project shows our experience in the restoration of aluminum entranceways and in masonry cleaning.  ...
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Deicing Options for Historic Buildings

Corrosion on an Aluminum Door Frame caused by Deicing Salts In any climate where temperatures reach below freezing, deicing walkways ...
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Macedonian Monument – Before and After

Our teaming partner Harry Abramson from Direct Dimensions sent us this great pair of before and after pics of the monument.
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Macedonian Monument Project at the U.S. Naval Academy: Cannons Installed

Aeon has completed the restoration of the Macedonian Monument for the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. This year-long project has ...
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Found in Google Maps: Aeon in Action!

One of our staff stumbled across this in Google Maps: Aeon and Independent Custom Metalworks removing cannons in 2015 at ...
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Glass Installed on H & I Streets

The H & I Street Canopy Restoration at the Veteran’s Administration building was completed this morning.
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Assessing and conserving historic aluminum doors at the Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission Building dates from 1937 and is in the Classical Revival style. Contrasting with the limestone walls, some of ...
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Conservation of historic masonry, windows and doors at the Yates Building

The doors, window and balcony of the Yates building. The 1880 Sidney R. Yates Building, standing near the National Mall in ...
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Conservation of William Tecumseh Sherman Monument, Washington DC

Aeon principal conservators, Alfonso and Lane, recently completed the conservation treatment of the 1903 statue of General Sherman, which stands near ...
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