New Projects

Tips for Young Professionals Entering the Field of Historic Preservation

Entering the preservation field can be especially challenging, since it is a relatively niche market. Unless you want to write ...
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Deicing Options for Historic Buildings

Corrosion on an Aluminum Door Frame caused by Deicing Salts In any climate where temperatures reach below freezing, deicing walkways ...
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Happy Holidays from Aeon!

Aeon would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season.  We celebrated this weekend with a staff trip to see Star ...
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Happy Veteran’s Day from Aeon

Historic Photograph of the Norfolk Navy Yard circa 1905 This Veteran’s Day, Aeon would like to thank veterans of the United ...
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Very cool interactive graphic on the Capitol Dome Restoration project

The Washington Post published a very cool interactive graphic and animation showing many of the steps in the dome restoration project. ...
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U.S. Capitol Dome Restoration

Aeon is working with Turner/Smoot Construction on the second phase of the U.S. Capitol Dome restoration. Our areas of responsibility ...
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Conservation of historic masonry, windows and doors at the Yates Building

The doors, window and balcony of the Yates building. The 1880 Sidney R. Yates Building, standing near the National Mall in ...
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Conservation of William Tecumseh Sherman Monument, Washington DC

Aeon principal conservators, Alfonso and Lane, recently completed the conservation treatment of the 1903 statue of General Sherman, which stands near ...
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